52 Photos Project – Catching up edition {weeks 41, 42 & 43}

I have really made good progress with keeping up with this year’s 52 prompts…until a little while ago.  Life happens and I just couldn’t get my act together.  Bella doesn’t put any pressure on this project, so it is only self imposed pressure.  I challenged myself to complete a full year!  I’m almost there! 

 So here are the photos for the missing weeks: 

 Week 41 :: fragrant/this smells heavenly

While on vacation in Charleston, SC last fall, I purchased a new recipe book (Mrs Rowe’s little book of Southern Pies). This is the quintessential Pecan Pie from the book, that I believe Mrs Rowe herself would have been proud of. I even used pecans that I purchased in Georgia on our way through. …and yes, this made the house smell heavenly! {and tasted pretty heavenly too!}


 Week 42 :: orange 

I am having some fun with a slice of orange for a photo club assignment in ‘still life’


 Week 43 :: black & white

Spotted on my way home; a large group or murder of crows gathered at the side of the road. 


So now I am caught up. I’m looking forward to completing the year will Bella. There are only a few more weeks to go…so stay tuned…

As always, I love all the comments. 

Until next time, Connie 😃 


Monday…the word for today is sunshine!  Lots and lots of sunshine….even though it is really COLD! (-13C actually when I too this photo)


  • sunshine is trying very hard to spread warmth
  • sunshine – a little longer every day
  • sunshine melting the snow & ice, ever so slowly
  • sunshine making wonderful shadows
  • sunshine makes me happy

I hope your Monday is full of sunshine too!

Until next time, Connie :)

52 Photos Project – week 47 :: liquid

Welcome back, and welcome to spring!  Even though the calendar is telling us it’s spring, the temperature is not quite so cooperative. Today it is sunny, but with a bitter, cold wind; still only -9C, here in southern Ontario. 

Thank you Bella, for this week’s prompt…{liquid}

There is a cute little creek that runs through my property. I love watching it through all seasons. I can finally here water gurgling again, but it is still hiding beneath a significant layer of ice. You can see that it trying hard to be liquid again. 


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As always, I love your comments, until next time, Connie 😃

March 2015 – week twelve

Welcome back to week twelve of the Fat Mum Slim photo-a-day challenge.

March 16 – after: after a long, hard winter, we are beginning to see signs of spring. You can actually see the back fence again. 


March 17 – hobby:  along with photography, I’m a quilter. This fun quilt hangs in my bedroom. I call it, “the Black Sheep”


March 18 – text:  here is hand-written text on one of our favourite recipe cards. You can always tell the best recipes by the amount of splatters on it. 


March 19 – private: you keep things private with a lock & key. 


March 20 – hand-drawn:  this was a real challenge. I am SO not good at drawing. This is a doodle from my notepad at work. (Sheesh, the things we do for photoaday)


March 21 – sun flare:  here is one from the archives as there was no sun today. The view one morning last summer, before I left for work. 


March 22 – leaves:  these are beech leaves they usually hang on until the new leaves push them out in the spring. 


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Until next time, Connie 😃

Walking on Sunshine Blog Hop Party

I’ve recently started to follow Elizabeth of Tea and Paper.  This week, in honour of the first day of Spring and she is very happy to join Hugh from Hugh’s Views & News in the “Walking On Sunshine Weekend party”. I have decided to join the fun.

Here are the rules:

1. Choose a fellow blogger who you think spreads blog love.

2. Write a short post about them.

3. Entitle your post Walking On Sunshine Blog Hop Party (so others can find your post).

4. Create a pingback to Hugh’s post, so that the link appears in the comments section, so that other participants can read your post.

The blogger I would like to introduce you to is Tracie of Life in the Wylde West.  When I first noticed Tracie, it was her photography that first caught my eye.  She has an amazing eye.  That led me to her Blog.  She is amazing (I know, I’ve already said that)…she is a fantastic mom, knows how to have fun, loves deeply, has immense faith, and is my cosmic twin.  She is also a great film maker. So many times, she has written exactly what is in my heart or my head…it’s like we came from the same place.  Tracie’s posts ALWAYS make me smile!  We seem to have connected in the happiest way…go check out her blog.  I’m sure you will enjoy her posts.

…and don’t forget to check out Elizabeth at Tea and Paper as well!

And of course you are invited to the party too, choose a lovely blogger to share and check Hugh’s blog for the details. Hugh is a great blogger, writer, maybe author??? (he knows what I mean), photographer, lots of good stuff on his blog.

Thanks Hugh for the great party!

Until next time, Connie :)

52 Photos Project – week 46 :: gold

This week Bella’s prompt is gold

The weather has become cold again in our parts after a few tantalizing days of pre-spring warmth. A perfect evening to enjoy a snifter of liquid “gold”.  This particular liqueur is called Criollo – a chocolate sea salted caramel liqueur. 

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Thanks, Bella 😃

Until next time, Connie 💖


My blogger friend michelle gd does a “sometimes Monday’s” series of photos and quiet reflections (check out her blog, she is great). 

I have been inspired again…so, at the risk of being a copycat (which is the sincerest form of flattery), here are my Monday thoughts:

  • Happy…to see sunshine
  • Happy…to see the snow melting
  • Happy…to see grass peeking through
  • Happy…to hear the creek gurgling again
  • Happy…to hear the birds singing
  • Happy…to hear return of our neighbourhood woodpecker
  • Happy…to smell the wet earth
  • Happy that spring is approaching

Hope your Monday is happy too!  

Until next time, Connie 😃

PS – thanks for the inspiration, michelle 💗