February 2015 – week nine

Welcome back. Another week has come and gone. This rounds out February nicely. If you are interested in following along, check out Chantelle’s Fat Mum Slim’s blog for upcoming lists of prompts. It’s a lot of fun!

Feb 23 – fix :  here are some items I use to fix things, clothing, stuffed animals or quilts. 

Feb 24 – 12 o’clock :  it’s 12 o’clock & Mr Sock Monkey is wondering where his lunch is…cheeky fellow.

Feb 25 – reflection :  I’m dreaming of warmer days; one from the archives from our vacation in Florida. A sandpiper on the beach. 

Feb 26 – grow  :  here in eastern Ontario, there isn’t much growing, except snow banks and snow drifts. 

Feb 27 – still life :  I was so proud of this shot. I had just received my new camera & was just getting to know how it works. A bowl of oranges in the sun. 

Feb 28 – thank you :  a thank you gift received from a coworker for some assistance at work. She knows me so well. 

Mar 1 – starts with ‘r’ :  this whimsical, folkart  rooster sits on my cabinet, watching all the ‘goings on’ in our home. 

Thanks for visitiing. I look forward to all your comments. 

Until next time, Connie 😃

February 2015 – week seven & week eight

I have been very busy for the past couple of weeks, therefore my blog posting has suffered. Here I will bring you up to date on my submissions for Fat Mum Slim Photo-a-day. I like to take the time each day to take a photo…this helps me to remember & appreciate what is around me, even if I’m caught up in in other things.

Now on to the photos. Here is week seven:
Feb 9 – Energy: warm energy from our propane stove

Feb 10 – This inspires me: Mother Nature in all her glory. I love it all, sunrises, sunsets, snow, sand, sea, mountains, fields; they all take my breath away.

Feb 11 – On the wall – this old wall in my town sports an old advertisement from days gone by.

Feb 12 – pointy; the pointy fence outside an old army base

Feb 13 – temptation; chocolate is always tempting. (Poor shot in very low lighting while out for an early Valentine’s dinner with my hubby)

Feb 14 – love…I love how the new snow looks, even though I don’t love driving in it.

Feb 15 – spot; these happy, spotted fish were hanging about in my aunt’s kitchen.


Now on to week eight:
Feb 16 – from where I stand; again Mother Nature impresses. A small drip from the eaves produce a spectacular natural sculpture made even more impressive with the sun shining behind it. (Note: it was -40C when this photo was taken)

Feb 17 – routine, first thing in the morning, last thing each night.

Feb 18 – bedside, this is mine

Feb 19 – fresh, a fresh new day

Feb 20 – this is so me! – not very original but those that know me we, know I need my morning coffee

Feb 21 – matching, a pair of matching candlesticks in the window

Feb 22 – macro, since everything around me is covered in snow, I revert to my favourite subject, coffee. These beans ground up are the beginning of a wonderful morning elixir.


So there you have it. I’m caught up with PAD for now. Hope you are having a wonderful week, wherever you are.

Until next time, Connie 😃

February 2015 :: week six

Welcome to my weekly update for my contributions to the ‘Fat Mum Slim’ photo-a-day challenge!

Without further adieu, here is my week:

Feb 2 – mail:  it was a ‘snow day’ in my neck of the woods.  Lots of blowing snow, making driving treacherous, so I stayed home for the day. We inherited this ‘wonky’ mail box.  It has been gently tapped by the snow plow a time or two!


Feb 3 – water:  this jug of water sits on my kitchen island.  I was heading to bed when I saw the pretty light reflected from the fireplace and our dining room fixture in the jug.


Feb 4 – reward:  yet another snowy day…this was my reward for driving through a foot of snow this chilly morning.  The trees are ‘sugar-coated’ pretty.  It certainly is a winter wonderland!


Feb 5 – something blue:  it seems that I have a lot of blue dishes ;)


Feb 6 – makes me smile:  a wonderful photo of my hubby (aka Grampa) meeting his new granddaughter for the first time (taken a couple of weeks ago) certainly makes me smile.


Feb 7 – stripes:  another one of my quilts; this one was so much fun to make….I call it “crayon box”.  Lots and lots of stripes


Feb 8 – in my bag:  my trusty friend, Mr. Sock Monkey, is guarding my knitting bag that contains my latest knitting project.


Thank you for visiting.  Hope you enjoyed my contributions this week.  See you again, this time next week.

Until then, Connie :)

52 Photos Project – week 40 :: before/after

Welcome to this week’s edition of 52 Photos Project.

This week, Bella’s prompt is “before / after”. Originally I had chosen some snow shoveling pictures, but didn’t find the contrast very obvious. See what I mean?  Even with all of hubby’s hard work!

So I went with photos that weren’t necessarily as picturesque, but you can definitely see the difference in BEFORE & AFTER.  I am a quilter.  I am often asked by friends & acquaintances to make “memory quilts”.  This is one example that I am currently working on.  A girlfriend collected her daughter’s baby clothes…and I am making her a quilt for her ‘big’ girl bed.


A bin of baby clothes becomes a quilt.  The top is now finished, but the quilt is not yet complete, it still needs to be layered (or sandwiched) and then quilted.  But I think it looks great, draped over the snowbank that hubby, so diligently created earlier in the day…


Thank you for visiting, as always, I love your comments.  Don’t forget to head on over to Bella’s blog to see what everyone else is sharing for ‘before / after’.

Until next time, Connie :)

January 2015 :: week five

It’s week five already! Welcome back 😃 to my contributions to Chantelle’s Photo-a-Day challenge on her Fat Mum Slim blog.

January 26 – three things IMG_3084.JPG I found this great photo of my girls from 25 years ago!

January 27 – morning

IMG_3087.JPG This is my morning commute. It’s not quite light out yet but you can see a glimmer of the sunrise in my rear view mirror.

January 28 – strange

IMG_3094.JPG We found this cute sign outside of a little “crab shack” in Folly Beach, South Carolina. I’ve never seen a crab crossing, have you?

January 29 – summer/winter

IMG_3095.JPG I am in the depths of winter…this is from a marina in Belleville, ON. It is -24C. There are lots of ice fishermen on the Bay of Quinte, even though you could hear the ice cracking & even see big cracks! I’m not brave enough for that!

January 30 – fave food

IMG_3110.JPG I have lots of favourite food. The most favourite is a meal made for me by someone else, in this case my hubby. This menu includes spaghetti & meatballs, fresh asiago bread & a glass of local Chardonnay!

January 31 – on top

IMG_3114.JPG This cheeky fellow was found on top of a pier in Dunedin, FL. He looks a little annoyed, don’t you think?

February 1 – on my plate

IMG_2132.JPG This is a real treat…a Sunday morning slice of toast with Concord grape jam made by my daughter. Mmmmmmmm

Thanks for visiting, see you next week!

Until next time, Connie 😃

52 Photos Project – week 39 :: wildlife

Welcome back to this week’s edition of Bella’s 52 Photos Project. This week’s prompt is wildlife.

I live in a rural area and see lots of wildlife around me. However, because I see it all the time, I really enjoy all the different species when I am on vacation. Last autumn, we traveled to Florida and stayed on the Gulf of Mexico coast. The beaches are teeming with shore birds that are used to human interaction so they let you get quite close…an amateur photographer’s dream.

My favourite from last year was this beautiful heron. He was in excess of 4 ft tall! I don’t know what specific variety he was, but I do know he was gorgeous! IMG_2129-0.JPG

We watched him for quite some time & then he just took flight, very gracefully for such a large bird. IMG_2130-0.JPG

Thank you for visiting. As always, I love your comments … and before you go, don’t forget to check out what others have posted & linked to 52 Photos Project.

Until next time, Connie 😃

52 Photos Project – week 38 :: teal

I may have mentioned before that I love when Bella gives us a colour prompt. This week’s prompt is “teal”. At first I didn’t think I had much teal around me, but I was pleasantly wrong. 😄

My most prized possession in this collection would be my turquoise necklace. It was a gift from my aunt, who brought it back from Mexico. I wear it often. IMG_2121.JPG

Here are a few others:

IMG_2118.JPG This pretty vase we picked up somewhere along our travels. I think all the varying shades are particularly nice.

IMG_3076.JPG Of course we have the ever popular Fiestaware, part of the ‘collection’ from last week’s edition.

IMG_2120.JPG Also, from last week, one of the bowls that I collect. This one was hand made in Italy. I love using it in the summertime. The pretty blue with star fish embellishments have a real “beach” feel to them.

Thank you for visiting this week. Don’t forget to head over to the 52 Photos Project to see what else people are posting.

Until next time, Connie 😃